Drinkware for a cleaner world


Doing your very best to relieve the environment and still go through life stylishly? This is possible with our insulated bottles that fit in a modern lifestyle.

Whether you are at the office or being active with your sport routine, there is always a bottle that matches your outfit.




All day on the road and regularly thirsty? Our handy thermos flask keeps your water nicely cool. Do you prefer something hot? Then this bottle does just as well its best.

Your favorite drink nicely cool or deliciously warm all, day at your disposal.


Our products  contribute to the reduction of waste and, in particular, of single use plastic.

Buying Lifestyle Junky bottles means that you support the movement against disposable plastic.

Let’s stand up together for a cleaner world!


The drinking bottle does not take much space, can take a beating and has a leak-free srew cap.

Easy and stylish with the Lifestyle Junky bottles!

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