The Brand


Lifestyle Junky was born out of a sense of urgency to express the need of promoting love for a modern lifestyle that includes a deep concern for the environment.

With our brand we like to contribute to an increase of environmental awareness. Showing that the best life consists of being you, a free spirit and soul. We develop a caring lifestyle by combining respect with pleasure, work with laughter, acceptance with joy.

We respect every living creature and want to take care of them as much as we can.

Love life, do well and live free!


It is our mission to contribute to a world in which people respect each other and their environment.

With our products we want to contribute to the reduction of waste and, in particular, of disposable plastic. Lifestyle Junky works together with a number of initiatives to clean up plastic litter. Since our drinkware encourages you to take water with you when leaving the house, part of the profit is invested in charities that make clean drinking water accessible to people who live in countries where this is not continuously available.

Stylishy Green

A modern lifestyle includes a green heart. We strongly believe that the universal moral values such as respect, freedom, social- and environmental awareness, contribute to a better world. 

We encourage you to follow your heart and be stylishy green!

Lifestyle Junky supports this planting program